We take great pride in hand-selecting the products we distribute and sell.

From a wide variety of seeds to vitamins, to additives and embryos, we are discerning in our choice to be able to successfully play our part in ensuring better quality crops around the world.

CEA Products

With today’s advancements in technology, Controlled Environment Agriculture is quickly becoming a cost-effective, safe, and sustainable way to provide food, pharmaceuticals and produce for biofuels. At Green Bridge, we support CEA farmers across the MENA region set up their vertical farms or other types of CEA farms by advising them using the latest data and research, supplying them with the most advanced equipment, and providing the first-rate seeds and nutrients they need to harvest top quality crops.

  • Horticulture Seeds
  • Nutrients
  • Hydroponic Equipment
  • Packaging
  • Post-harvest Equipment

Animal Health & Genetics

The healthier the animal, the healthier the products they provide us with. We aim to constantly improve bovine and goat genetics in order to ensure optimum animal health and therefore optimum byproducts.

We work closely with farmers and breeders, advising them on how to improve their herd and cattle traits through the use of genetics and artificial insemination and provide them with ongoing technical support throughout the process.

We distribute high quality genetic materials to promote 10 different bovine breeds as well 2 varieties of goat. Our in-breeding management and use of innovative tools allows modern dairy producers to inbreed their herd effectively and safely.


A successful harvest starts with the quality of the seed its tolerance and ability to adapt to the soil and their environment. Green Bridge distributes high performance and regionally adapted varieties for successful local farming operations.

Our varieties have all undergone extensive trials by our technical team. We partner with our suppliers to ensure that each variety is continually improved and new ones are developed to adapt to a region’s climate, conditions, and environment, using the most advanced and innovative equipment and techniques.

  • Sugar Beet
  • Potato
  • Wheat
  • Horticulture (tomato, cucumber, etc.)


We provide farms and feed mills with a variety of feed additives used for poultry and dairy production.

Our products are innovative and effective to help improve the overall health of the animal, while also helping farmers and producers increase performance and productivity.

Wherever you are in the world, we can grow together.

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